Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

I guess I write to escape real life

Or make real life just right

You see,


When I write

My brother doesn't have to be an alcoholic

And my friends could play swimmings pools without me needing to pause it

In real life I used to sneak into his room as a kid, steal his rhyme-books and start reading

My big brother used to write too, before he found a new way to face his demons


I could write about how I found this perfect girl

The most beautiful girl you'll ever see

But I wouldn't even feel the need to write about her looks

You'll know her when you see her

You see she has the grace of Michelle Obama, the nerve of Rosa Parks, writes like Maya Angelou, with a Mother Theresa heart

But this woman doesn't actually exist

Or maybe I just haven't crossed her path yet


Its funny because some women like that I write

I'm not sure they know that inspiration can come to me at any time of day or night

So we could be on a date and I can suddenly realize the edits necessary to make my newest poem just right

And that then will have my full attention


So it's not all glamorous!


See for every poem about women and all their wonder and what love can do to ones head

I have 10 that are just me being self reflective

You would consider it me tearing myself to shreds


As a writer I have the license to pen my own narrative

And make up stories like if all the Africans in America truly understood their heritage

What a world!


You see, it exists right here!


I might write about real life every now and then

Because nobody knows me better than my notebook and pen

This how I choose to face my own demons

Or grow to love my mishaps

Because at the end of the day

It all makes for a great story

And life is really just that


I think art in most cases is the beautiful by-product of a fucked up situation

And I write because this is MY ART

And I have all these worries and stories with no where to place them


Why do I write? [laughs]


Feel free to ask the question

I wouldn't want to leave you guessing

But excuse me if I look at you after

Like that was a stupid question