My name came from a French poet named Charles Baudelaire. I wasn’t named after him necessarily; it’s just where my dad first heard the name.  When I was a kid I hated my first name and I wanted a name more “normal” like the other kids. I hated when I said my name for the first time and people never got it and then I had to keep repeating it until they either got it right or I settled for however they decided to pronounce it. Y’all have no idea how annoying that got.

Nowadays, I love my name. It suits me well. It’s different and I have grown to like that it is different. I never have the problem some of you have of hearing my name and looking back and the person was talking to someone else of the same name. Shit, maybe one day I can get to the point of greatness where I don’t need my last name and can be one of those great people with just one name that immediately brings a picture of their face to your head like Madonna or Prince. Eh, I don’t know about all that actually because I like my last name Ceus too. Yes, it’s pronounced just like Dr. Seuss and no I am not going to become a doctor so I can be Dr. Ceus. I’ve heard it before. Anyway, my name has grown with me and now I think its dope and I almost feel bad for people with generic names.

Quick Thought

I was thinking if you do anything in life strictly for the money you will get then you are no better than a hamster running on a hamster wheel. You will never be satisfied by a certain amount of money so satisfaction can only be found by doing shit you love to do.

End of the Quick Thought