Here's Some Poetry

Below is a poem written by my brother Evandro.




*Read This in Bernie Mac’s Voice*


Niggas ain’t ever late

But never on time

Niggas always get arrested

But never commit a crime

Niggas always got reasons

Never excuses

Niggas always got dreams

But never do shit

Niggas say they will

But never do

Niggas make claims

But most untrue

Niggas say they the best

But never prove

Niggas in last place

But never lose

Niggas sound stupid

Saying ignorant remarks

Niggas fight amongst themselves

Lights vs Darks

Niggas are ignorant

And ignorance is blind

Ignorance doesn’t live in pigment

It lives in the mind


I think this poem is incredible. When I first read this poem on his blog I actually didn’t believe he wrote it and not because I didn’t think he was capable, but because I didn’t think he would ever be interested in writing a poem. This poem is genius because it is funny, makes you think, and in the end, is very true.

In terms of nigga being seen as a black only thing, this pretend difference we put on nigger and nigga is pretty stupid. Its the same word. No "power" is being taken out of the word if certain people still cant say it. To me, a nigga and a nigger are the same thing, an ignorant motherfucker. Although I do say it in conversation alot, I still see it as wrong. However, I do completely agree with the word in the way Evandro used it in the poem.



Below I have Evandro’s three best blog post (in my opinion) that y’all should check out. (The links are attached)


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I hope y’all enjoyed the poem.