My brother is great at small talk. He's good with getting to know someone simply from their body language and reads in between the lines when he's listening to someone talk. He makes direct eye contact the entire time too. It's almost crazy. He's even more of a people person than I am (and I'm practically Wayne Brady out here). 


He isn't good at following new social rules though. He texts consecutively too much, even when he sees you have your read receipts on. He isn't trying to be annoying, he's just finishing what he's saying. He always calls people when they text him to avoid the annoyance of texting for both sides and he would prefer to hold conversation until the next time he sees you. As a matter of fact, he can be away from his phone for hours without caring at all.


My brother was almost finished with college by the time Facebook became really popular. He made one, has posted about 10 pictures in 6 years and rarely checks it. He never made a twitter or Instagram. He isn't really into that type of stuff. He just doesn't care for it and doesn't see its purpose. You should see him talking about social media, he talks about it like its the most ridiculous thing in the world. He even feels weird about the idea of getting a shoutout on Instagram.


He doesn't see how and why these things have gotten in the way of actual interaction. 


My brother isn't socially awkward, but, one day, people like him will be considered so. Crazy huh?