Just Don't Embarrass Yourself

We all have those certain things we’re just naturally good at. Whether it be speaking or playing a sport, we all have situations in which we are at our most comfortable and we feel like we have everything under control. Nothing can go wrong. Funny thing is, it is in these situations where everything does seem to go wrong. The worst-case scenario happens, and there we are, sitting there looking stupid, embarrassed.


Nobody enjoys being embarrassed and in the moment everything’s moving so fast as we try to figure out a way out of the feeling. Embarrassment is such a powerful feeling that we actually feel it on behalf of someone else when they’re in a compromising situation. It’s also a funny emotion because embarrassment evokes a light-hearted response from someone close to you but is perceived as a threat when the person is not so close.


That version of you that you fall into when you’re embarrassed is your most vulnerable state. You feel like the wall has been knocked down. And most people are very particular on who they allow embarrass them with no repercussion. When you’re “talking” to somebody (I hate wording it that way), it’s almost a game of chicken on who can avoid being the first to embarrass themselves. What’s interesting is, when that first person does embarrass themselves, both walls come down and everything is fine. The relationship can actually grow at an accelerated rate from there.


The greatest artists are constantly embarrassing themselves, or putting themselves in what would be embarrassing situations. It’s in the moment where you put yourself out there to potentially be embarrassed that you learn the most about yourself and others. No, I am not just talking about comfort zones. I’m saying there is good in even the downside to being embarrassed. The idea that it happens to everyone. From Michael Jordan to Beyonce, to your best friend and even the person you dislike the most. We all share the ability to feel this small (fingers pinched) at any given moment. Embarrassment is the moment we’re all brought back down to earth.