The Lunchroom

Do you remember the lunchroom? Where you had the division of all different cliques (the cool kids in one area, the nerds, the athletes, the kids who weren’t athletes but talked about sports as if they were, the artistic kids ect.) each sitting in their own area. You remember that feeling of going through a school day in your freshest outfit and you couldn’t wait until lunch where it seems like EVERYBODY saw how fresh you were? You needed their validation to know your outfit was indeed fresh and if it wasn't their lack of approval made you think you would NEVER wear that outfit again. You remember seeing arguments/fights go down in the cafeteria and everybody getting up to watch what was going on even though it was none of their business? Or better yet, the argument/fight could have been handled out of the view of the entire school and probably be resolved much faster that way? At lunch you couldn’t wait to talk to everybody about what was going on in life and even after a cool vacation you went on, you would get to that first lunch period on that Monday and tell anybody who would listen about how dope your vacation was? (usually the reality of the trip wasn’t nearly as dope as the story but that didn’t matter). You remember not seeing your crush sit with the person you thought was their significant other (Nothing was really significant about High School relationships In my opinion but what would I know I didn’t have one) and thinking “Damn I thought so and so was with so and so. Guess not.” And began to plot how this crush, in time could become something more?

Well it seems like today we as adults (and I can only imagine the kids), bring all that energy we brought to the lunchroom to social media. But with our newfound freedoms and money everything is done 10x greater. The stunting, the fronts, the “arguments”, its all done on social media just as it was done in the cafeteria way back in high school. Now, there’s a good side and bad to this. The good being that we all miss those simple feelings we took for granted back in high school. We deep down enjoy eyes being on us especially when we feel we are in the right or at our freshest. The downside here is that perhaps we’re a bit too old for this and maybe those moments of immaturity should have remained in the cafe.