I am sure we all know that pro black does not mean anti-white and that pride in the history and culture established by one’s ancestors does not condemn that which was created by others. Above all else, I am pro-people and anti system and I understand that I say all of this while living in a system that taught us to see things as black and white (no pun intended). Rather, my frustration from seeing a young black boy get being shot execution style because he was playing with a toy gun comes from the fact I was once a young black boy who liked to do the same. I was no more threatening than Tamir Rice and had as much ill intent as Emmitt Till. The frustration comes from seeing black men being shot down in the streets and knowing that man could just have easily been my brother Eddie or when a black boy is shot because the cop “mistook” his toy for a gun or his immaturity for aggressiveness I know that little boy could have easily been my nephew Nehemiah. Now if either of those two were to pass in so unjust a way, I would be outraged and want other people to see where I’m coming from and be outraged as well. So when the black man is not my brother, or the black boy is not my nephew, it would be wrong of me to turn a blind eye and act as if everything is still ok. Because the one in front of the trigger could have easily been one of us.