For years now my brother Evandro has been trying to get me to listen to Bob Marley. He is a HUGE fan (similar to, and maybe even greater, than my fan hood for 2Pac) and has been telling me how much I would enjoy his music if I just gave it a chance. Now I’m not really sure why I never gave Bob Marley’s music a chance but for some reason I just never did. Maybe I felt I wouldn’t be able to relate or maybe I was just dumb, I don’t really know. Anyway I was listening to a J. Cole interview on NPR where he spoke on how a song can reach someone at the perfect time in their life right when they needed it most. You can hear a song and really enjoy it and probably not even fully understand it but you give it time and eventually that song, and its message might click. In the interview he actually said he goes back and every year he learns more and more from the music of Pac & Bob Marley. He spoke on how the lines “Don’t worry. About a thing. Because every little thing…” and how to a kid that doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a really catchy song that sounds really good. But to a grown man, whos been stressed about alot of things that don’t really matter, that song means the world. It’s Bob saying don’t worry about all that its going to be good. That simple potent wise phrase will forever stand the test of time.


Which leads me to my whole point in writing this post. There is a level that certain songs can reach that is beyond catchy and meaningful, it’s a combination of the two. A song like “3 Little Birds” and (One of my personal favorites) “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke have become mantras.


As someone who’s been meditating for 2 years now I understand the importance of mantras and the effect they can have on the human mind and body. Just those lines “Don’t worry, about a thing, because every little thing…..” can completely change your mood if you say them to yourself repetitively. “A Change is Gonna Come” has been a personal favorite of mine due to all of the changes going on in my life but a song like “3 Little Birds” can help navigate through those changes. The messages are universal, clear, and necessary. And that should be the ultimate goal of artists, to create something that people can take with them throughout their day and have it impact their day in a positive manner. Greater than just your favorite song, these songs have a certain charm that remains with you even when the song is over.



Below are youtube links for both songs. Enjoy