Renée Simone

Sometimes while we’re on the train she catches me staring at her and I’m sure she believes it’s, at least for the most part, due to her immeasurable beauty. I’m actually staring because I’m trying to figure out how a woman who wears so many hats can make it all seem so effortless. Now perhaps it isn’t effortless, and this is just a mask but I will see to it that she means it when she responds that “everything is fine”. I cannot ensure that everything will always, in fact, be fine but, I can ensure that my effort will always match her’s in making it that way.

Now when she catches me staring, she should know that I am not staring but marveling at her. Astounded that a woman so phenomenal can come into my life and make me realize that my greatest fear is something I should have never feared at all. The Queen I always dreamed of is the toughest person to write about. And thats only because, I feel nothing I could write would get across exactly how astonishing she really is.