Pardon My Hubris

*Real Quick*

Hubris means over-bearing pride or arrogance. I’m not giving the definition assuming people are dumb, I just didn't know the definition until about a week ago so I’m just assuming most people didn't know.

*Moving On*


A person’s hubris leads to conflict and problems in their lives every single day. For the most part, everybody thinks they have it all figured out. You will especially think so if you scroll your Instagram and twitter timelines in the morning and read all the cliché motivational quotes that people post on a daily basis. I used to be a fan of these posts and quotes until I realized that in reality, they mean nothing. We all have a certain amount of pride and a bit of arrogance in certain situations. For example, people hate to be wrong. There is a feeling of failure associated with being wrong when in reality you succeeded in learning something. Being wrong, especially when other people see us be wrong, hurts our pride a little bit and that’s where the hate of being wrong comes from. Imagine a conversation with a drug dealer. Even though there are movies that portray that the end of that story isn't a happy one and even real life situations rarely, if ever, end positively, that drug dealer would probably tell you that they have it all figured out and that their ending won’t be the same. That arrogance is what drives them. I know the drug dealer example doesn't exactly translate to everybody’s life but the same scenario and thought process can translate to almost any situation. You can’t expect to travel the same road and end up somewhere different. We all want to feel we have it all figured out and our arrogance plays a factor when someone challenges the claim. For the most part, we either deem the person wrong or it escalates into an argument or even something more which is when pride once again becomes a factor. A person’s hubris doesn't allow them to welcome being wrong and slows down their adjustment to change which blocks the flow of learning.


I say this to then say that to this point, me writing these blog posts have almost been me thinking out loud. Even the posts like “Read This Before Drake’s Album Drops” and “Hoes Love Marilyn Monroe”, even though they are based on a joke are actually things I actually think about. I write them in joke form because I know people will love them even more. Some posts, I couldn't write in joke form but I wrote anyway because I just wanted people to read it and see where I’m coming from. I’m a very self-aware person. I don’t feel I have anything to prove to any specific person, only more that I can prove to myself. I don’t ever feel the need to engage other people’s egos. Rarely does any good come from that. However when you don’t engage someone’s ego, you can come off as arrogant. I watched a Jay-Z interview where when arrogance was brought up he said “No I’m not arrogant; I just don’t want to engage with you about stupid shit”. I think like that sometimes. I don’t ever want to come off as arrogant because if there is anything I know it is that I don’t know everything. From an outsider’s perspective, I can see how a lot of what I've written can be seen as wrong. Even though I don’t agree, I can see what place that opinion would come from. I heard an opinion once that my blog posts seem like sometimes I'm trying to tell people how to live. I'm actually doing nothing of the sort. I'm showing how another way of thinking that some may agree with and some may not, I know I'm not perfect. I actually try to write these posts without much editing because I think flaws can be dope if we let them be. This post for example, I am writing on a Monday afternoon and I probably won’t re-read it until sometime in the next week or so. Then again farther down the road to evaluate myself in a way. We are all creatures of habit. However, you rarely learn much sticking to habit. There are few things as dope to me as when someone challenges and idea of mine and properly proves how I’m wrong and why I shouldn't think like that. Another dope scenario is when someone agrees with an idea of mine and helps me expand on it. Both scenarios lead to more learning and have almost nothing to do with pride and arrogance.