Good Morning

I usually don’t post on Instagram and twitter about my opener posts but this one is different. This one is different because I am at my best ever right now. By that I mean I feel pretty good about every aspect of life. I’m in a space right now that makes me feel that age 21 and the year 2014 may be the best year of my life. The people in my life are great too and as you can see from previous blog posts such as “A Good Friend With Good Friends’ and “The People You Surround Yourself With”, I will put all “coolness” aside to show other people’s effect on me.


*Quick Story*

When I was about 6 or 7 I used to write about everything in this notebook I had. I would write stories, random thoughts, and I even wrote some fictional stories. I never really shared the notebook with anybody though. Maybe I was embarrassed or something but anyway, nobody ever read it until this one day I came home from school and my older brother was reading a fictional story I wrote about me and my cousins as like superheroes or something. Clearly, since I was about 6, the stories were horribly written. My brothers clowned me about it and I never wrote in the notebook again and eventually threw it out. This is the new notebook.

*End Of Story*


I named this post “Good Morning” for a few reasons. The first being that “Good Morning” is something people usually say at the beginning of their day when they feel good and want everyone they come in contact with to feel the same. I feel great about everything right now and want everyone to feel it too. The second reason being that it is the first post of this December batch. My birthday is this month and I feel great about being able to turn 21 and I am very excited to close the 20 year old chapter of my life. Today, December 1st, is the beginning of the end of this chapter.  The third and not so profound reason being that it is the name of the intro on my favorite Kanye West album. As always, I write in this thing to share the thoughts that go on under these waves. I love to make people laugh, and almost as much as I love that, I love to make people think. I try to accomplish both here and I think I’m doing a pretty good job if I do say so myself.


I was sitting in my car one day when a great fucking idea came to me. I am going to write 10 more posts on my blog between December 1st-20th and post one every 2 days, the last of which I’m going to post on December 19th, the day before my 21st birthday. This will count as the first post. I actually already have the concepts for the other posts in mind and think these are my best yet. Well actually, let’s be honest. These might not be my best but hey, they are pretty fucking good. I of course will believe these are my best because I believe that I am getting better overall every day and these are my most recent ideas and stories. But, maybe you’ll like where I was at mentally before more than you like where I’m at now. I don’t really know, it’s entirely up to you. *shrugs*