A Woman's Perspective

Clearly this post isn't actually from a woman's perspective as I am the one writing it but, this post is more meant for me to try to understand a woman's perspective. This post is more about vanity than anything.


Throughout my life Ive talked to some very beautiful girls (I wrote "pretty" there first but it looked weird so I went with beautiful, bear with me) and a common thing they all share not just with each other but with some women I am just friends with is this certain level of self consciousness. Maybe it is because in society women have a higher standard to live up to but I see no point in being self conscious as y'all can only be yourselves. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but you really cant let outside pressure effect how you think of yourself.


I've heard women that are out of this world attractive worry about small things like what to say to a dude, or how hair looks (speaking for men, Ima say we don't care about y'all hair as much as you think we do), to even something as stupid as picking an Instagram filter. Y'all don't understand how annoying it is trying to explain to a chick that her first outfit choice looked as good if not better than the 5 outfits she tried on after. As a guy we think you're going to look good in whatever you take out of the closet.  I try to get the point across that 90% of women dream of looking half as good as some of these women worrying about such petty things. Heres where perspective comes in. Its just like the chain of social classes I broke down in my first perspective post. Women always see another woman they deem more attractive and think "I wish I looked more like her" when in reality even if you looked like her, a new girl would take her place as the ideal picture of beauty.


Men have tons of insecurities too but I always felt that men take insecurity and use it outward towards other people, especially other men. Women on the other hand, take insecurity and fight themselves about it.


Before I run the risk of sounding all 2Pac "Keep Your Head Up" (great song by the way) Ill state my point. I don't want to define beautiful because my definition might not fit the next person by Ill try to make it universal. If you can find more things about yourself that you like than dislike, then chances are you are a pretty girl. So as the pretty girl you are quit the shit talking about how damn self conscious you are cause honestly, as men, we aren't tryna hear it as much as you don't want to hear the things we say just because were guys. Maybe I just don't fully understand it now and maybe down the road I will or maybe as men we just aren't meant to understand a woman's perspective. I don't really know. But as of right now, if there is one thing I do know, its that I don't understand it.