The Elephant

So you’re reading this from one of two perspectives.


1. You have/have had Tinder and you’re thinking “Oh shit, he really is about to write a blog about Tinder” and are wondering what I’m about to say about it.


2. You have never had Tinder and you’re thinking “What the fuck is a Tinder?” and you’re here to find out.

Well either way here it is.

To put it plainly, Tinder is the elephant in the room. It is the Fight Club of social media.


Tinder is that social media app that out of your 5 closest single friends, at least 3 have one (These numbers are factual and backed up by researchers at MIT).

Tinder, according to the people over at Tinder themselves is “the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you. Swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match!”. Like the first line said, the people you meet will definitely be interesting, but they wont all be new.

I first made Tinder in early 2014 to see what all the buzz was about. I got a bunch of matches and flipped through these girl’s bios. Here is the interesting part.

  • Some people are on there shamefully and are just trying to find a guy to have sex with.
  • Some people are on there trying to “find someone new to talk to”. (They may secretly be in the group above but research has yet to prove this)
  • Some people are on there just to see what all the hype is about and probably created a Tinder after a conversation with their fellow Tinder having friends.
  • Some people are just lonely.

I won’t act like I know all the reasons why women make Tinder, but I do know a major reason why men do. Every dude I know that has admitted to having a Tinder (Tinder has become this thing you have to admit to) has all made one for the same reason “Dawg, you see how many shorties are on here?”

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and say that the allure of all these “shorties” didn’t also push me to make a Tinder because it did. But, while on Tinder I learned something very interesting about us (and by us I mean my generation).

We have this need for acceptance. Now, I know every human being wants to be accepted in some way by a person or group but, with our generation, its on a whole other level.

Back in early 2014, the girls I saw on Tinder, for the most part, didn’t surprise me much. By that I mean, I could tell these girls would have that issue with self esteem to need the swipe rights to feel they look right (Maybe it’s apart of the bigger issue of insecurity for both men and women, but I don’t feel like getting into that here). I would see girls I knew in real life and think “Yea I imagine she’s on here looking for sex”.

But all that changed.

I deleted my Tinder a few weeks after originally making one and re-made one a month ago. And now, Tinder is completely different. Now maybe it’s just because the girls that I know that I see on there, I know personally, but I think there’s been a shift on the “typical” person on Tinder. Now I feel like its an app a lot of people have, for reasons known only to them, and still used as discretely as it was when very few had it.

Don’t think this is just about the women on there, because it isn’t.

Tinder is like the underground of social media. It’s like the Fight Club of social media (I hope you get that reference). It is only to be spoken of with someone you know has one and in a discrete area.

I was having a conversation with Evandro about Tinder (He doesn’t have one so this is a very taboo thing to do). I was telling him about how many people are on Tinder and what it says to our generation that there might actually be people on here looking for affection through a free app. He had a unique perspective. He said, “You can’t really judge a person based on where you meet them, because you had to be there too to meet them”. It was a quote he stole from somewhere else but hey, he’s my best friend so I’ll just give him the credit. Either way, he was completely right.

The point of me writing this blog was to point out the elephant in the room. For some reason, people have this reluctancy to do so in this case. Me personally, I don’t really care. Chances are you have one, have had one, will have one, or your best friend has one. Deleting my Tinder gave me the idea to write this because I felt like I was throwing away my invitation to Fight Club and thought why not write about it? Discussion is always cool.



I’ve had conversations with women on Tinder and I’m not gonna lie, for the most part, they were pretty interesting/entertaining.

(Another P.S)

I once met a girl on Tinder and jokingly, she called herself Tinderella. I thought that was hilarious and thought I would share it with y’all.