I’m in my apartment right now pouring a drink and listening to this new Drake tape/album. It’s Valentine’s Day and you know what that means; people on both sides of the fence talking about how annoying the other side is.


I’m just here pouring a drink.

Valentine’s Day is an interesting one because everybody feels a certain way about it for one reason or another. Personally, I like Valentine’s Day. It’s interesting seeing all of you run around all day championing a love you’ve had with you all along.

This isn’t one of those “everyday should be valentine’s day” posts.

Ya boy Bau (I’m trying out this third person thing) hasn’t had a valentine in many moons now. Last time I did, I did pretty good if I do say so myself although I look back and think of ways I could’ve did better but I guess since me and _____ barely made it to the end of Black History Month that year I shouldn’t give the entire thing much thought anyway.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, YALL. I agree with the idea that Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday and it is an idea that was driven into women’s minds that this day should be special BUT. I believe even when something is clearly driven by capitalism you will still be able to find love in there somewhere. That’s how powerful love is. The fact is, if you have a girl/someone you’re talking to she most likely cares about Valentine’s Day and would love something special. That is where it should end. The fact that someone you love, cares so much for this one day, you should brush aside you’re feelings about the day and do something special.

What makes a birthday special? Don’t tell me it’s because of the anniversary of this person’s birth. Let’s take my birthday for example. My birthday (December 20th) is special to me because my whole life it has always been MY day. Now, I love that day and expect to, and always will have a great day thus the day has become important to me. Since it is important to me it is at least semi-important to the people I love. Shit, if I, my family, and my friends can all agree we’ll just celebrate my birthday in the summer (a nicer season) I’d be completely fine with it. It’s not about the day itself; it’s actually entirely about how important the day is to the individual.

Same logic applies for Valentine’s Day. 99% women want a special day unlike any other that year. So, as someone who loves or cares about a woman, you should at care about and love this day at least almost as much as she does.

And when it comes to the broadcasting of that love, I don’t really think that’s what it’s all about but hey, to each his own. Love shouldn’t really be validated by other people’s opinions but in this world we live in, “other people’s opinions” are becoming more and more important every day.

With that said,

I hope y’all love this shit. Now, I’m going to pour another drink and see what London has to offer.

                Peace & Love