From London with Love II

I think I’ma call all my random thought posts while I’m in London, “From London With Love”. It’ll either be like my version of the Carter series, or the Writer’s Block series (let me know if you get the Writer’s Block joke because I thought that was funny but I don’t think anybody will get it).

Moving on,

I’m writing this on a Monday night, but I don’t know when I’ll post it. I might do it as soon as I’m done or maybe after a while. I told myself I would, for every picture I post on IG or for every tweet, I’ll write a blog post with it. I guess it’s for a few reasons;

1.       To challenge myself. I write a lot but to post a blog for every picture, I’ll have to actually post these blogs that may never have seen the light of day to go along with the pictures. In some cases I’ll need to tailor the blog for the picture or the picture to the blog. Extra work but that’s a part of the challenge.

2.        It also helps me refrain from the useless IG posts that we are all guilty of.

3.       I want to add some context to these pictures I’m going to be posting from all over Europe. It'll help y'all understand where I'm coming from and y'all can live through me.

Now these pictures won’t be of the highest quality but I’ll try my best. Cut me some slack shit, I’m using a 5s over here. While we are on the topic of picture quality, after your done reading this, (fuck I look like giving up my readers) head on over to I’m really proud of my brother Matt Hagerty and I been all over his site in the last few days and I really love that shit. 

As long as you’re willing to work for what you love who has the right to stop you?

I had a couple of interesting phone calls (shoutout FaceTime audio) in the past couple days.

The first being with Matt Hagerty ( You better not have checked his site out yet yo. Save that shit for after this. Anyway, nothing too significant was said in our call except this one thing. I asked him how Stoughton (our hometown) was, and he said “Cmon man you know. The Sto is the same old Sto. You remember when I was away and I asked you the same thing? Yea well same answer applies.” That was the answer I wanted. The best part of a hometown is that it will always be familiar. To someone from there, it never changes, and if it does, it’s not much. It’s the one constant in a life where so much changes. Yea before I get all affectionate about Stoughton let me move on to the second call.

My mom called me 8 times yesterday. Why? To tell me that she got all the pictures I sent her and that she loved them. She told me she was proud of me for venturing beyond where she herself has gone in life, and that she loves me. She has this running joke that she has never met anyone in her life that can make as many friends, as fast as I can. She told me she loved that about me.

 There was more to the call, but what do I look like detailing my conversations with my beloved Mother with the world?

Peace & Love



Go check out my brother’s website.