Lost in Seville

There's something to appreciate about being lost. You get to really see the nooks and crannies of a city. The shit the locals see. In every city I've been to, when I'm with fellow foreigners, they say things like "What if we get lost?". My response is usually "So?" And they look my at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I am crazy but I feel that you get to really know a city when you're lost.

With that being said I'm lost right now. In a park somewhere in the area I'm staying. I'll be able to find my way home when necessary. But for now, I'm appreciating being lost.

So I guess its pronounced Se-vee-ya not se-ville. I like this place. Of all the cities I've been to in Europe (London, Paris, Amsterdam) this one is by far the quietest. Now, its obvious why since those cities are far bugger tourist attractions but still. Seville has a sort of calmness about it that I really like. I will say though, that of all the cities I've been to, maybe in my whole life, I've noticed the most discreet racism here. You know, subtle stuff like suspicious stares, clenched handbags, shit like that. It's all good though I guess. Racism is taught from an early age and who am I to assume one is intelligent enough to un-learn something they were taught as a child. 

Anyway, Seville is a really beautiful city. Whats crazy about Europe is how many different cultures are within a 2 hour flight of each other. It's really dope. My only complaint about Seville in particular is the food. I really shouldn't say that since I've only had actual Spanish food at one place across the street from where I'm staying but I wasn't feeling the chicken so I'm turned off from all Spanish food. Plus, I got sources out here that tell me the rest of the food here isn't really up to par neither. For food I've been going to this place "Peggy Sue's Food From America. Man, that place is BOMB. I dont really know if its because I low key miss home or because that Spanish chicken was so bad. I dont know. 

Either way, I'm glad I came here. I think its good to have that complete foreigner feeling at least once in life. Even in "Peggy Sue's", nobody spoke a word of English (ironic huh?). So I've been ordering food and buying stuff by pointing and cant really read the signs too well. In London, I obviously don't have this feeling, in Amsterdam everyone spoke English, and in France, my French was good enough.

Welp, now here I am, lost. On purpose.

I'll check in with you guys later, I have to find my way home.