The Writer


I haven't been writing in this thing much. I've been writing as much as ever but its all either in my notebook or on my flash drive and will probably never be shared.

"Writing is such a profoundly personal thing. But you also want people to read your words. It's strange."

I dont really know why I haven't been writing in this. Might be lack of inspiration, a lot going on in life, I don't know. I still meditate daily so ideas come to mind all the time but for some reason I just never felt like sharing them. I lost that push (for lack of a better term) to share what I wrote/think. I read some of these posts I have in the stash and just think "Ehhh nope thats not it". It's like writers block in a way, but the words make it to the paper. I just don't think any of it is good enough.

But I met this girl recently and now I have that feeling again. I get how artists can be so inspired by women, especially good women. The gears really start going again and you get this "fuck it" feeling. I have literally the best friends and somehow have gotten her attention so I must be doing something right.

Dope people make you just want to keep doing dope shit. 

This isn't a blog post like my others. There is no point to get across here. Instead, what I'm saying is I'm excited to start sharing my thoughts again. I feel like a writer again.