Lost in Nostalgia


I'm mad this title sounds like a wack The Weeknd song. I'm writing this by hand first in a notebook that I have to write down the thoughts that are too stupid to bother y'all with. I haven't posted something from this since Lost in Seville. So yeah, that explains the trash name.

Now to the actual post,

"How far away are you from that guy now? Can you lock in to that? Can you find him within yourself?"

The above quote is from an interview President Obama did where the reporter asks him how in touch he is with his 20-something year old self. To this the President replies that he kept a journal from the age of 20 to 27. He said that it helped him realize that he is that same guy and still, for the most part has the same morals and ideals. Its for that reason that encourage everyone to write thoughts in ideas down somewhere. To be seen later in life.

But thats not entirely focused on the point I was trying to make with this post. 

Continue on,

Nostalgia might be one of the most dangerous aspects of the human mind. We get lost in moments that we lived and and become so impressed with ourselves that we almost begin to treat those memories as if they happened to someone else. This is even more so the case when creating something. We almost start to think we were better in that moment than we are now. Which couldn't be further from the truth. We are just as great as we were then, if not greater. We fall so in love with the moment that we begin to lose sight of the fact that it was ourselves in those moments. We are that same person we reminisce about but with more life experiences and still capable of all the same things. Maybe its due to an association with the weather but summers are in some cases the time period people reminisce about most.

Let me try making this clearer with an example. For awhile, fairly recently, I hated writing. I hated it because I would look back at that period of my life where I felt I had more time to write and thus wrote better posts. I would read old posts as if someone else wrote them because I felt I just couldn't write like that anymore. When people would compliment me on an old post I would accept it almost as if it belonged to someone else. I think recently I've come to realize I am that same person and writer, just with more life experience.

We over glamorize periods of our lives or the products of them so much that we fail to realize that this very moment could be as great if not greater. Life is like a bunch of moving pieces to a picture. Nostalgia allows us to freeze a moment in time and see the beautiful picture that it was. All while making us fail to realize the beauty in the moment that we are in now.

I hope that made sense. If it doesnt, that explains why it belongs in this notebook anyway.


While were on the topic of moving pieces, things fell through with the girl mentioned at the end of the last post. Literally the one from 24 hours ago.

Well ain't that some shit?

Still a writer though.

[crowd laughs]