Truth or Truth

You know what’s funny about when you share things in a blog? People come to you and say things like "Damn yo why'd you say that in there?" I then reply "Well its not really that serious, happens to everybody. No big deal really. Just being completely honest.” Then whoever says "Yeah but I wouldn't really share it for everybody to read. Crazy that you did that."

That’s kind of the point of me being honest in my blog. Seems like everybody got caught up in being too cool and putting up fronts. So much so that the response to complete honesty is either disbelief because you’re used to lies or "Yeah, he's buggin for being that honest." In a situation where you yourself would lie or be too cool, you can’t wrap your mind around the concept that someone is saying exactly what he or she thinks.

Am I the only one that sees the problem here?

We put ourselves and each other through so much bullshit with lies and fronts, no matter how big or small. It's actually easier to be completely honest and say exactly what's on your mind. Isn’t that what we love about our icons? Kanye? 2Pac? Y'all know they aren’t the only ones allowed to be honest right? It’s the idea that they would speak their mind without caring at all how we feel about what they’re going to say that makes us listen. You don't really need the validation of others if you're being completely honest with yourself. I think that’s where the misconception of "brutal honesty" comes from. You're being completely honest because that’s all that matters to you.

Nowadays a lot of things are here today and gone tomorrow. That's because lies and fronts have to constantly change. Stories that don’t last forever are usually based on something that isn’t real. We all can relate in some way to stories of struggle, love, family, and fear. It’s no secret why timeless songs, book, and movies usually involve all, if not most of those things. The truth is a definite thing. No ifs ands or buts. If you're being honest then people from all walks of life can relate on some level.

I feel no apprehension about writing anything in here anymore. After Sister and Fear, I feel as if I can say whatever I want now. This is a bad example but the best I can think of right now. It’s like the Eminem in the last battle in the movie 8 Mile. If I share all that could get to me first, then I have nothing else to fear. I can go on speaking freely without the fear of consequence because the worst has already been put out there. I’ve already been vulnerable in sharing that information so at this point I really don’t feel any need to restrict myself and what I say in any way.

That is all.



Lately a lot of people been letting me know what they think of my posts after they read them and I really do appreciate that!

Oh and congratulations to my big brother on his engagement! I love you man!