Acknowledgement is Key

The below is a true story from late last year (2017).


[ak-nol-ij-muh nt]


1.       recognition of the existence or truth of something

A homeless man while I was on the way to the bank asked me for some money. I looked at him and shrugged as to say “Man I don’t have anything” (funny, I was actually walking to the bank to deposit the money I did have to get my account out of the negatives) and he said “its ok brother, acknowledgement is key”. I nodded and continued to the ATM all the while “acknowledgement is key” is stuck with me. After I was done I went back to the guy and aid “Why did you say that?” He said “Because people walk by me here all day like I’m not even here and when I asked you, you looked at me and acknowledged me. Above all else, I’m still a person. But you liked what I said huh? Haha!” I proceeded to laugh with him for a second and we both wished the other a goodnight as I walked on home.