Renée Simone II

Writing about her hasn’t gotten any easier. But I realized something today. I have been preparing to love her, my whole life. What I lament about my past can no longer be held as regrets because somehow it all playing out exactly as it did, led me to her. That is a life changing realization and I have nothing else to credit that to but her majestic way of being. I continue to stare at her and have yet to figure out how she manages to be such a wonderful person and I could have never imagined I would be with a woman so astounding so memories of my days without her only serve as reminders of how much I appreciate her time and all that she brings to my life.

A man who fears nothing is as dangerous as the woman next to him who rids him of such fears. In months she has managed to challenge the man I am and shift the direction of who I believe I can be. She continues to inspire me to do more without ever insisting I should. Her mere presence is enough to shift my attitude and her insight is always thought-provoking.  She exemplifies all that is special about black women, and for that reason, among many others, I love her.